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RSVP Wording & Phrases

When it comes to personalizing your wedding invitations, keep in mind that wording is never set in stone. Don’t assume that you need to stick to your typical cookie cutter phrases. Especially on your RSVPs.

Many people overlook the RSVP wording. Instead of keeping things basic, add a little extra personality to your response cards. Whether you are going for casual, funny, or elegant, your options are endless. Help set the atmosphere for your wedding before it even begins!

Common Phrases:

  • Accepts With Pleasure - Declines With Regrets

  • Accepts - Declines

  • Graciously Accepts - Respectfully Declines

  • Happily Accepts – Regretfully Declines

  • Joyfully Accepts – Sadly Declines

  • Gladly Accepts – Politely Declines

Casual Phrases:

  • Wouldn’t Miss It For The World - Wish We Could Make It

  • Will Attend - Unable To Attend

  • Can’t Wait! - So Sorry To Miss It

  • Yes, We Would Be Delighted – No, We Wish We Could

  • Looking Forward To Attending – Disappointed We Can’t Make It

Fun Phrases:

  • Will Be There For The Party - Have Fun Without Us

  • Will Be There For The Beer - We'll Cheers From Afar

  • Ready To Eat, Drink, & See You Get Married - Will Toast From Afar

  • Yes, Let’s Dance The Night Away – No, My Dancing Shoes Don’t Fit

  • Hell Yes! – Damn, Can’t Make It

  • Heck Yeah! – Bummer, We Can’t Make It

  • Definitely Count Us In – Sadly Count Us Out

  • Can’t Wait To Celebrate – Will Celebrate From Afar

  • Deal Me In – Sitting Out

Destination Phrases:

  • Bags Are Packed! – Can’t Find My Passport

  • Will Be There In Flip Flops – Will Sadly Be At Home

  • We Will See You On The Beach – We Will Be Toasting From Afar

Comment below with your favorite saying or add some ideas of your own!

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