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Postcard Versus Envelope for Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

When it comes to printing invitations, save the dates, and thank- yous, a question that arises for many couples is “Should we consider using postcard prints?" In regard to wedding stationery, many people don’t realize how many choices are involved. From designs, fonts, and colors to paper, inserts, envelopes, and add-ons, couples have a lot to consider when it comes to their wedding invitations. While many of these decisions revolve around the wedding theme and individual style, the choice between postcards or a single print with an envelope is often dependent on factors such as time, cost and durability.

Advantages of Using a Postcards for Wedding Invites & Stationery

Postcards certainly have their perks and purpose. Let’s start with a few reasons why people consider using postcards as part of their wedding stationery.


For many, the first thing that comes to mind is less work! Postcards allow you to have everything printed on a single piece of paper, only requiring you to stick on postage and get to a mailbox. Couples also have the option to have addresses printed directly on their

postcards, otherwise they can easily toss on an address label. Some printing companies will even print your postcards with postage right on them and mail them for you. All of these reasons make postcards a great choice if you’re short on time.


Cheaper postage is another great advantage. Postcard postage saves you a little over .10 cents per stamp and when you’re sending large quantities, this can add up quickly. If cutting cost is one of your goals, this is a great spot to save a little cha-ching!

You’ll also save a little money due to not needing an envelope. The amount you save will come down to what kind of envelopes you decide to use. Depending on style, color and whether or not you plan on having them printed, envelopes can range anywhere from .10 cents to $1.00 a piece. That’s right, if you are looking to have a premium envelope with printing, even a smaller sized envelope can add up quickly. However, basic, plain white envelopes are very cost effective and won’t run you much more.

Disadvantages of Using a Postcard for Wedding Invites & Stationery

Despite the advantages of using postcards for save the dates, RSVPs and thank you cards, you will also run into some drawbacks – here’s a few you should consider.


While postcards can save you time and money, they may not meet your standards. By standards, I am referring to durability. Even if you order the thickest paper, with premium

coatings, no postcard will make it to your guest in perfect condition.

Postcards may look beautiful when you receive them from the printer, but the second

they leave the safety of your handling, they are faced with multiple elements. During the mailing process, they will be run through sorting machines, inked with postal markings, faced with overall human handling and undergo the elements of outdoor weather. These factors are things you cannot control and can ultimately leave your, once beautiful, postcards being left in poor conditions when it’s received by your guests.

Does this mean your postcard will be unrecognizable by the time it is received? Absolutely not! By choosing higher end papers and printing coatings, you can help ensure that most postcards will arrive in fairly good condition. However, you will never be able to determine how many will be affected. No matter what, postcards will be inked with postal markings. If you are looking to send a picture postcard that you want to be received in perfect condition, you’ll likely want to avoid the use of postcards.

Some things that may happen to postcards in the mail:

  • Postal machines leave your prints cracked or bent

  • Postal machines cause partial tears or tear your postcard in half

  • Postcard gets stuck or lost during sorting and is never sent to your guest

  • Postal markings cover important text or parts of your picture

  • Moisture in mailboxes leave smeared wording or images on your postcard

A lot of these postal downfalls result from the type of paper and coatings you choose. If you print a postcard using the thinnest paper, without a paper coating, you will likely run into more postal flaws. If you choose a thick, premium paper and add a clear coating of protection during printing, your guests will have a better chance of receiving their postcard in better condition.


While you may be saving money on postage cost, you’ll also want to consider your print cost. Are you really saving any money if you are now paying extra for premium paper and specialty coatings? The answer is most likely no! In fact, you’re more likely to save money by printing double sided, on a basic card stock, with no coatings and send out your prints in plain white envelopes.

Final Thoughts on Postcard Verses Envelope for Wedding Invitations & Stationery

It's important to weigh out the benefits and drawbacks when determining whether or not to use postcards as a part of your wedding stationery. Depending on the importance of each item, you can determine if using a postcard in a specific scenario may be an option for you.

To help make your final decision, head over to When to Choose a Postcard for Wedding Invitations & Stationery.

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