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Where to List Your Wedding Registry

Where to Place Wedding Registries

A question I’m often asked is “Where do I list my wedding registry?” Let’s start by remembering that your registry is your adulthood wish list of everything new and expensive, things that you would most likely have never bought on your own. But now is your one opportunity in life to replace all those ugly hand me down dishes and finally get some matching towels. So yes, put everything from simple to obnoxious on your registry, but keep in mind, gifts at a wedding are NOT mandatory.

Registries do not belong on your wedding invitation!

Gifts are given to the happy couple on their wedding day because their guests want to simply show them how happy they are for the bride and grooms new life together. It is also a sign of their gratitude for sharing with them your special day. When sending out your invites, remember you are inviting guests because you want them to be a part of your joyous wedding experience, not because you want more gifts!

Listing the registry on your wedding invitation leaves your guests to assume you are expecting a gift, so instead of sounding needy, let the old method of word of mouth pass on your registry locations. If a guests truly wants to buy a gift, they will find a way to ask you or a family member directly where to look for registries.

Not a fan of word of mouth? Not a problem.

If you’re tech savvy and already have a wedding website, this is a great place to list your wedding registries. Unlike the registry itself, wedding websites are a great addition to add on to wedding invitations and save the dates. This allows you to keep your invitations real-estate open for just the important details but gives your guests an outlet to find all of the additional details.

Are you having a shower?

If you are having a shower, then yes, you would put your registry on the shower invitation. A shower is a party specifically thrown to “shower” the bride (or groom) with gifts and well wishes. It is a sendoff party for their new life that they will be starting together and the things that might have just been his or hers can now be replaced with new things that will be theirs!

Keep in mind, everyone that was invited to your shower will also be invited to your wedding. Therefore, they will already know where you are registered. Some guests will even buy your shower and wedding gift at the same time, allowing them to have first pick over the items you have listed on your registry.

You still really want to list your registry on your invitation...

Overall, it is your wedding, so if you truly want to list your registry on you wedding invitation, have at it. If you chose to not have a shower, didn’t make a wedding website, or don’t have many family members, then placing the registry on your invitation may be the right option for you.

Ready to get started with your wedding invitations?! Head on over to my website to learn more and set up a consultation!

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