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lets talk pricing

When creating my custom designs, I like to design with your budget in mind.

Whether you are looking to be economical or over the top, we can find what is right for you!

For more detailed pricing information, use the contact link to let me know what kind of design you are looking for.




See a design you like? Choose any design from L.design's page and have the wording and details updated to  match your event. 

  • $25 - Main Invitation Update

  • $15 - Each Additional Piece

Want a custom design for your event? Receive two completely new designs created just for you.

  • $50 - Main Invitation Designs

  • $25 - Each Additional Piece

Have to many ideas and you can't decide what you want? Receive four completely new designs!

  • $100 - Main Invitation Designs

  • $25 - Each Additional Piece

**PLEASE NOTE:  Printing is not included in the design package pricing.  Contact me directly for printing costs & personalized quotations.

detailed quotes & consultations available upon request


About me

Hi everyone!  My name is Laura Robertson and I have been blessed with the opportunity to fulfill my goals as a designer.  I started off early on in the Cosmetology field and spent many years focusing my artistic skills in hair and makeup.  After a lot of late nights and weekends at the salon, I decided I wanted to pursue another career path. 

After heading back to school in my mid-twenties, I graduated top of my class with a degree in Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing.  I knew I had truly found my passion when I was introduced to the art of printing.  I know that print is a dying industry, but I LOVE IT!  I love being able to envision ideas and make them come to life on paper.  Paper allows you to work with so many different materials and textiles that the options are endless.

With both my background in hair, makeup and in print, I have focused my business on weddings!  For over ten years I have been working directly with brides and have truly been able to grow my knowledge base on everything “wedding”!  This has led me to really focus my blog on wedding materials that will help future brides to plan their perfect day.  But don’t worry, weddings are just the topper on my cake.  I also design materials that are not wedding related.  Feel free to reach out for business print materials, birthday or graduation invitations, t-shirt designs, logo designs…anything you can print, I can give you a helping hand!

Along with my artistic side, I am very passionate about my hobbies: cooking, gardening, fitness and TRAVEL!  Being able to get out and experience new adventures, even if it is just local, is great for the heart and soul.  I plan to incorporate all of my experiences on my blog to share with all of my followers.  There is nothing more rewarding then being able to encourage people to try new things and live life to their fullest. 

As a small local business, I also plan on helping other local businesses spread the word.  There are so many great businesses right here in Wisconsin that you won’t want to miss out on!  From vendors to restaurants, I will help share my experiences and thoughts on where to go…and possibly where not to go.

Thanks for checking out my website and make sure to follow my blog and Facebook page for future updates!


Let's talk

Contact me to set up a free consultation or to receive more information!

W2746 Half Mile Road

Pulaski, WI 54162

Tel: 920.585.9901 



By Laura Robertson . L.designs Invitations & Designs